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Hello Duudle 2

Hello Duudle 2
The Duudleville Tales
A brand new book
by Jon Burgerman and Sune Ehlers

The Duudleville Tales by Jon Burgerman and Sune Ehlers

Jon Burgerman’s unique art has always inspired us here at Crossfire. This concertina book printed on thick matt laminated art-board, folds out to reveal a wondrous inter-connecting sprawl of characters and colour. It can also be displayed as a stunning frieze.

Details are hidden amongst the intricate drawings with secret characters popping up throughout in specially screened spot-UV. The reverse introduces you to some of Hello Duudle’s key characters, giving an insight into their eccentric shenanigans. In addition to the book, Hello Duudle – The Duudleville Tales comes with a selection of fun stickers and an original hand-drawn, signed and numbered drawing from either Jon or Sune. Some 1000 individual drawings were made for this project, that’s a lot of doodles! All of these precious and lovingly crafted items are bought together in a beautiful luxury box adorned with sultry characters in lush, deep hues and dazzlingly hot, eye-catching gold foil.

Go get it for Xmas as it is one to keep, go to for all details.

UK Pre-orders available now – £14.95 (+ £2 in postage) = £16.95

Visit Jon Burgerman’s site here.