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Alexis Sablone WKND welcome edit


WKND have added the talented Alexis Sablone to their team this week with this new footage by Grant Yatsura.

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Bring Me the Horizon vs Brian Baker beef


Yorkshire’s Bring Me The Horizon got righteously slapped down on the internet this week when Minor Threat/Bad Religion and Dag Nasty guitar legend Brain Baker took offence to a sign (above) the band had put up around the backstage area of the Resurrection Festival in Spain that read: “These people are not to be stopped ever. They may not have a pass. They can escort who they want where they want with or without a pass.” Brian instagrammed the sign and said “I’m going to stop these people every time I see them today and tell them how much their band sucks.”

BMTH singer Oliver Sykes and drummer Matt Nicholls responded with their typical arrogance: “Hahah I can’t imagine being as old as you are and still acting like a 14 year old girl. Saw you at least 10 times and you didn’t bat an eye lid. You got bigger things to worry about nowadays anyway, like ya pension, or cold weather. Dickhead.”

Brian Baker’s response tells these spoilt children exactly how it is. You don’t fuck with the guy that wrote Out Of Step.

“It seems you’ve missed the point entirely. The issue here is entitlement. My post was a comment on your collective delusion that working local crew at a thirty band festival should be required to memorize your faces to spare you the indignity of breaking stride on the way to your backstage oasis or even worse, the humiliation of carrying credentials. Your literal display of arrogance (and the hilariously unrecognized irony within it) was what I was sharing with my followers. I honestly don’t know if your music is bad or good – it’s not for old people! I meant that you suck as humans. Sorry for the confusion.”

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The Parrots

parrots_cover2_copyThe Parrots
‘Weed for The Parrots’
Luv Luv Luv Records

The fact that the sound of the 60s still resonates with teenagers to this very day can only be testament to the mighty garage genre. It’s a steady diet of lo-fi psych that seems to keep giving and rightly so.

The Parrots here are no strangers to this musical phenomenon. Brought up on small plates of the good stuff, these Spanish amigos have not only masterminded the fuzzed out, reverbed, laid-back sounds we associate with the classic nuggets of yesteryear, they also know how to smash it out live. Proof of this has been witnessed by many willing to dance like they are stuck in an earthquake at their own weekly parties, whatever country they choose to squat. Including us.

Live is where it’s at for this trio and ‘Weed For The Parrots’ feels like it’s been recorded straight to tape in your dad’s shed. It kicks off with the jangling riffs and upbeat tremors of ‘Terror’, closing sharply following a minute’s worth of garage gold that leaves you feeling like you have been cheated. This craving is made better with the stomping bass lines of ‘White Fang’ that jams into a frenzy fronted by Diego García’s wails, which leads superbly into a psychedelic riff akin to a valium rush from their flagship tune ‘To The People…’.

This come down doesn’t last long though, their cover version of the Almighty Defenders’ ‘All My Loving’ tips the scales as the most upbeat track on this EP. It’s one of the highlights in their live show and a closer at that. Pushed to 11, this party choon could make a room full of people explode and that is exactly what is does. As an incendiary tool, it’s their most potent track on the album in comparison to the ‘I’m Not Alone’ – a track that feels like school just ended, or the campfire sounds of ‘Wild’ that sees bassist Alex de Lucas take the mic in a stripped down, marshmallow dripping lo-fi ender.

As far as debut’s go, this is a rock n’ roll peach. We can’t wait to see what they have in store next.

Harry Palms

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Run The Jewels

Run The Jewels feat. Zack de la Rocha
“Close Your Eyes (And Count To F**k)”


You know that El-P and Killer Mike are on some next level shit when you see videos as powerful as this. America’s ridiculous history of death, violence and inside jobs within their Police force has reached peak. It certainly never manages to learn anything from humiliating black culture, who they clearly see as aliens out there.

This artistic new video by director AG Rojas constructs an exhausting chase that paints the perfect picture of the battle that young black Americans face. The battle that never seems to end. It’s just a shame that some of the confusing YouTube feed comments are written by so many people that don’t ‘get it’. What is there not to get? Maybe these are the same people with no brains that essentially fuck everything up…and they are somehow given jobs as Police officers.

Run The Jewels recall the fine work of Zach De La Rocka on this tune, who we all know from RATM. This jam was tight without the video, but let’s hope a few of the people on the other side of the game in those Police departments are watching, and learning like us out here. This is a cold and tiring look at reality from the ever growing list of unjust Police brutality.

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Hardcore leather jacket creates hatred

It’s another sad day if you grew up loving hardcore punk rock, yet again from the hipster supermarket Urban Outfitters who have followed their sale of Minor Threat tee shirts with the worst leather jacket of all time.

This one off “Vintage Men’s Punk Leather Jacket” not only comes in at a healthy £233 ($375), but it also features child-like, badly hand-drawn logos of The Clash, G.B.H., Sex Pistols and Crass making a mockery of the scene that would have eaten the current fashion-obsessed Facebook generation twats for breakfast.

Avoid this cack like the plague to escape embarrassing situations in public.

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Minor Threat tees in Urban Outfitters?!

minor_threat_ourban_outfitters_tshirtDear Dischord Records,

We have have been proud supporters of your record label here in the UK since 1986, bought most of your releases, attended all the shows, bought the vinyl, then the CD’s but today, seeing Urban Outfitters selling Minor Threat t-shirts upsets us as much as watching skateboarders who whore themselves to fashion brands and mainstream sports companies.

This is an open letter to ask you guys if you could let us know if this clone store have permission to sell this stuff? If not, please sue them. If so, we will be forever sickened. I’m sure it’s the latter as you are one of the only labels who have never sold their souls out there but please let us know.



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Radkey – Live at the Barfly, London


There’s nothing like that feeling of waiting for a gig to start knowing that you’ve heard something special and the band’s debut London show is about to start. Nobody knew if Radkey would be the real deal or not. Hyped from across the pond as ones to watch from SXSW, the three Radke brothers had a lot to prove tonight. The music industry were present in droves, the band though, didn’t give a toss and just opened their set in typical unfazed teenager style, and kicked out the jams with aplomb.

These Kansas city rockers do not just have energy, the musicianship from these three boys is way advanced. Dee may look small once you can see his smiling face through his dreads, but he has a voice like Danzig on steroids! His guitar thrashing is also second to none. Smashing out three chorder’s may be simple, but it’s the melodies that make these songs set themselves alight. Eldest brother Isaiah delivers more strength to the vocal onslaught harmonising perfectly with his sibling. Youngest brother Soloman watches all of this from the back like a don. Despite him only being 15, he can hold a tight rhythm that will only get heavier as he develops. The connection this trio have live is something else.

They steamed through through tracks unknown to most in the venue alongside the five from their ‘Cat & Mouse’ EP. The packed crowd assisted with the singalong, helping these nippas turn their first London gig into a success. It’s a positive display filled with a combination of raging punk rock and driving rock and roll with a look back to the good old days of US hardcore. Lazy journalists will compare them to Bad Brains due to their ethnicity, but those in the know will be mentioning Misfits, Supersuckers, TSOL and Dwarves. Mash the meats from these classics in a blender and you will end up with Radkey’s punk rock pâté.

Between songs they discussed the fact that fish and chips and cider enlightened their stay, the latter being a highlight due to legal drinking age here being lower than in the US which must have been a treat, but it was in this gap, before the band ended the set with a sick Ramones cover of ‘Bonzo Goes To Bitburg’, that I realised that Dee actually had an open packet of Haribo’s in his pedal box. A reminder that the kids are united, as ever by sweets, regardless how punk rock you think you are.

The future for Radkey looks seriously bright. All they have to do now is avoid the sad music industry vultures who claim to be ‘in it for the right reasons’, do their own thing, and they will all probably live happily ever.

Enjoy a couple of tracks from the phone and look out for this lot in your local record shop and find them on FB.

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‘Cat & Mouse EP’
Wreckroom Records

radkey_catandmouse_EPKansas City may not have the hardcore history that the likes of LA, Boston or Washington has in its historical locker, but there’s no reason for that to change in the future aided by the sudden emergence of Radkey. This trio of brothers are set for their first UK live shows this month and take us back into 80s punk rock territory with a sound reminiscent of classic veterans, the Misfits, DOA and the Supersuckers, with a blend of thrashing guitars and upbeat rhythms. It’s rare to see a new band go deep back into that territory these days, the most recent example being Cerebral Ballzy, but these Missouri punks have taken the bull by the horns and said fuck it, that’s what we like, and that’s how we roll.

Fronted by Dee Radke, (who on first sight reminded me of NY skater Harold Hunter, RIP) this band caught attention of many at this years SXSW festival in Texas and are set to release their debut EP “Cat & Mouse” that’s made up of 4 solid punk numbers.

Cat & Mouse‘ kicks it off with Dee’s deeply gratifying vocals, pushing a more rockier approach, with sing-a-long Glenn Danzigms that stick in your head for days, followed by the rampant punk frenzy ‘Out Here in My Head‘. The sing-a-long continues in the catchy and direct, ‘Pretty Things’, until the darker, up-tempo ‘Red Letter’, a tale ‘about a personal vendetta’ with an ex lover, ends to make way for the chugging steez of N.I.G.G.A (Not OK), that comes packed with a stern message from their experiences with teenage racism. There are not enough Caribbean Americans playing hardcore out there, but you only have to look back at the success of the highly influential Bad Brains to see how they became a game changer. It’s now Radkey’s turn to make sure that messages like this continue in a world that is now seems so blasé about their freedom of speech.

To ears that have been soaked in every possible hardcore release since 1984, the brothers Radkey proudly wear their influences on their sleeves and play an awesome blend of shit-kicking punk rock. They should be heard and seen live when they play Download Festival this month (16th) and their debut London show on Wednesday June 19th at Camden’s Barfly venue. Download or stream the full 5 track EP from here.

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Primitive vs Van Styles


Paul Rodriguez’ apparel company Primitive has rolled out a cheeky collab with Los Angeles photographer Van Styles. It looks like his new range of tees, tank tops, limited edition prints and decks have a certain spice that we are not usually familiar with with the help of models Ashley Sky, Claudia Sampedro, Iesha Marie, Valeria Orsini and Rosanna Castillo as you can see in this NSFW video.

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5 songs you will never hear at a funeral

News reached us two weeks ago from a survey carried out by Co-operative Funeralcare that a quarter of funeral homes have a black-list of songs they won’t allow to be played at services because they feel they are inappropriate. The list brought up a few classics that you would expect to make the cut for the crack, such The Trammps’ ‘Disco Inferno’ (“burn baby burn”) and John Lennon’s ‘Imagine’ (“Imagine there’s no Heaven”).

With shit pop music being requested these days more than Hymns, we decided that we would run our own list of the Top 5 tracks we reckon would never get played as your casket hits the flames. Delve in for the most disgusting offerings we could conjure up.


You’re never going to hear the Meat Shits at a funeral. In fact, you’re unlikely to hear them anywhere. Only the truly disturbed had any time for this utterly nauseating porno grind combo. Their singer Robert Deathrage is a horrible little fucker obsessed with violent porn, gore and anything that could offend. They released endless seven-inch singles, all of which are utterly unlistenable, featuring short blasts of badly recorded violent noise, cut with clips from porn and horror films. It’s safe to say that Robert has probably never had a girlfriend, and probably never will.


Anal Cunt were the chief influence on the Meat Shits. The difference being that Anal Cunt served their offensive music and lyrics up with a large dollop of humour. That aside, singer Seth was also a horrible, ugly little fuckhead and when he died in 2011 we doubt too many people cried about it. We wonder if any of his music did get played at his funeral? We doubt it, it’s horrible. Some of the song titles are genius though.


Look at the album cover! There’s a man with a turd in his mouth! Would you really want this played at your funeral? Oh you do? YOU SICK FUCKS!


GG Allin needs to introduction. He was the ultimate in disorder and chaos and ‘upset’ was his middle name. Crossfire never gets tired of watching ole’ GG roll around in his own poo poo onstage, smashing his face in with a microphone and waving his little willy about. His funeral was very impressive though, like a huge biker-rally that snaked across the country. You can bet GG had his own music played at his funeral, but would you want it played at yours?


The way things are going right now it looks like Jimmy Savile may end up having a second funeral; after they’ve dug him up, sent his corpse to court, tried him for his multiple crimes and then buried him again. The horrible little bastard. This song’s well catchy though!