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Hotel Blue Promo

instaLurkNYC dropped this banging promo over night for Nick VonWerssowetz’ new board company Hotel Blue.

Sticking to their usual DIY ethic these products look slick and clean, quite contrary to these ten minutes of footage featuring Giovanni Vacca, Adam Becerra, Mark Poole, Dylan Fulford, and Will Blakley carving crust off the streets.

Watch the edit, then peep the product.

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Bru-Ray: Atlanta, Part 1


Thrasher’s Bru-Ray series continues. This time taking to some of the less forgiving DIY’s of Atlanta; Beers and BBQ’s all day but best of all some Grant Taylor ripping. Why not kill yourself trying to mimic some of his maneuvers.

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Sour Promo 2016


Stop what you’re doing this very second and feast your eyes up 15 minutes of Sour shredding from Gustav Tønnesen, Daniel Spängs, Albert Nyberg, Nisse Ingemarsson, Josef Scott Jatta, Erik J Pettersson, Kristofer Hallgren, Simon Isaksson, Barney Page, and a fist-full more.

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Domesday by Adam Todhunter


From the guy who brought us Coast to Coast in 2015, Adam Todhunter, now showcases North-East talent with a new bi-annual zine called Domesday. You can pick it up here and sift your way through the array of still shots and interviews with fellow film makers and skateboarders.

Alongside the zine comes this 20 minutes of solid skateboarding to keep you cramping at the toes, itching to ride your board.

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Cherry Red – Sk8rats


“Aren’t you too old to be doing that? Get back to school” and that’s precisely what the Sk8rats did. Lay down some poison over summer because they’ll need stopping with something strong. School’s out so they’re making your classtime daydreams a reality.

Featuring: Travis Harrison, Steven Brooks and Ben Campbell.

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The Baghead Crew Break Paris


The Baghead Boys took a romance fueled adventure to the streets of paris to capture some fine skateboarding to accompany their fine wine. Featuring:
Cesar Dubroca, Dominic Padgett, Jake Laffoley, Jozef Szklaruk, Cameron Linford, John Burke, Kekoa Andrade, Slayer Josh, Ross Taylor, Jazz Wade, Mike Simons, Adam Connett, Jim Spencer and Gaetan Le Gorbelec.

This is only a taste of those frog filled thighs, the juciest bits have been kept aside for Baghead Kills II. All of course captured through the lens of Forde Brookfield.

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Krooked UK’s Lewis Keen for City Surf

Screen Shot 2016-05-11 at 11.36.27UK Krooked rider Lewis Keen is welcomed to Cardiff’s City Surf team with warm arms. Short and snappy, but bumping off of everything as he shows us a few unexpected sights to be seen. fluent style and a strong hankering to hunk his foot from the board.

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C1RCA Welcomes Neen Williams


The C1RCA resurgence is well underway as they welcome the worlds finest heel flipper, Neen Williams. Take a stroll down Hollywood Boulevard as Neen turns 360 degrees from his first pair of skate shoes to his now shoe sponsor. Congrats.

Live Reviews

Strange Bones live at Bootleg, Blackpool

Strange Bones
Bootleg, Blackpool
18th March 2016


The north strikes back, specifically Blackpool, as Strange Bones are spat from the unforgivable black sludge some would call the sea, each time welcomed to their Off The Bone gigs by an ever growing crowd as they amplify their increasingly brazen sound time after time.

The tiny, no barrier basement of the Bootleg Social really is rammed tonight. The venue’s small door, wedged between a Chinese restaurant and an estate agents opens into an immersive room of eagerly awaiting souls. When the band enter through the crowd everyone knows it’ll be a night even more destructive than the last.

With ten years previous experience, playing nearly 1000 shows, their return comes with one loud bang as they introduce new single God Save the Teen. This track, saturated with fitful bursts of energy, interrupted by the belligerent storytelling and heavy drums; punctuating verses that will remain in your ears for weeks, rippling through your body like a parasite.

Wading through a small entourage of tracks fists begin to fly through the air faster than neurotransmissions, however slightly delayed by the free JD from the bar. Beats get heavier and melodically rocky riffs are torn out during their session of Pussy Galore’s Flying Circus.


As the night draws to a close the flames burn even higher as they kick off their most ferocious of tracks, SOIA which is nothing short of raw, fuzzy punk rock that’s been shred together by loose edges, making it an absolute tinnitus inducing tune. The crowd chanting along as the band crash into an amalgamation of noise and jeers marking the end of the night, but not before a guitar crashes off the symbols and into the wall. Bobby slings himself over the conveyor belt of sweat and steam that the crowd has become, before being left lying against the drums in a dilapidated state, as every ounce of life has been put into the night.

Strange Bones, comprising of brothers Will and Bobby Bentham, as well as fellow skate-rat friend Stuart Newburn are the first British band to record at the famous Studio 606 in LA, recording their upcoming EP with Foo Fighters’ guitarist Chris Shiflett, which you can hear in its tangible state from April 21st. They will be playing live at the venues below, catch them at a town near you real soon.

7th – Manchester, Tiger Lounge (supporting Dead!)
9th – Derby 2Q Festival and Leicester, The Cookie *
15th – Birmingham, Sunflower Lounge *
16th – Sheffield, The Rocking Chair
21st – St Albans, The Horn
22nd – Blackpool, Bootleg Social – EP Release party
23rd – Preston, Ferret
25th – Coventry, Kasbah
28th – London, The Islington
30th – Leeds, Live At Leeds Festival

1st – Hull, Welly Club
20th – Brighton, Great Escape

10th – Donington, Download Festival

* Supporting The Wholls

Written by: Henry Calvert
Photos: Rob Lee

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New York Times V.15


LurkNYC follow up with another street skating montage that is comprised of everything you dream the big apple to be. Gritty gaps, bustling crowds and the most unexpected of obstacles make every land look astounding. Open your eyes and enjoy.