Skateboarding Product Reviews

Think – Classic Tag Deck

7.75″ x 31.25″

Life’s what you make of it, fuck strategy, just play it with an open hand and you’ll be surprised at the results. I’ve been riding 8″s consistently for the past few years and have long since stepped on anything less than 7.9″, so to me this was a bit of rediscovered challenge.

First impressions; The shape, like my previous THINK board, is absolutely smitten! It’s probably slightly wrong to say this, but the nose and tail of these boards grows my bulge a bit, it’s so perfect, I really feel in control when I execute a fandangle flip and the board usually corresponds to my thought process… when I kick a flip, the board flips with a kick! It is slighty concaved though, but that isn’t a bad thing, specially for vert walls and tight corners! It’s not long wheel based either and feels snug under your feet, it’s probably similar for bitches who wear sheep on they’re feet, I get it now!

The other thing about this wood is that it’s like Eveready batteries, “never say die“. They last way longer than other boards I’ve skated in the past and retain they’re shape, pop and stiffness till the very end of they’re so called skate-span. I’m so fixated on these wooden treasures at the moment that I’m finding it hard to THINK about riding anything else (THINK they’d sponsor me? I can do back smiths and I believe they’re the industry standard these days?!)

Get the Toyota of skateboarding, a reliable board that will ride its ground whenever you need it to, it’s a good board company and they put the S back into skateboarding, all of this without a team for the Olympics…BAD ASSES!

Live FAST, Ride FAST