Skateboarding Product Reviews

Spitfire Wheels – Big Head 52mm

It really has a nice ring to it, Spit, Big and Head in the same sentence, for that reason alone these Spitfire treads are worthy of a purchase.

I burn spitties all the time because I’m a firm believer in sticking to what you know best! They’ve never let me down before and as per usual, this set is as stellar as the last, if not better. They felt a bit hard at first push, but I realized that it was almost – 4 degrees outside and even spreadable butter would be unspreadable in those conditions, what was I thinking?!

They come in at 99 duro’s and roll coreless; I prefer the organic wheel anyway and don’t find them heavy in anyway. At 52mm, they come in a perfect midrange size to help you in bowl-ing as well as ledge-ing, get it? The graphic is simple and perfect for those who don’t like an entire orchestra painted on their wheels. The best thing about these though, is the fact that they rock and they rock hard, they work for you from the get go and even though they’ll burn out eventually, they’ll never fade away!

This is certainly not the first time I’ve stepped onto a rolling parade of fire and wont be the last either, burn baby burn…


Live FAST, Ride FAST