Santa Cruz – Justin Strubin 7.8

“Save us: Poison Dart Frog”
Powerply 7.8×31.7″

I love SCS decks, if any woodshop has stood the test of time in board construction its these guys. I don’t recall them ever putting out a bad construction or dodgy gimmick, Powerply is straight up the best maple out there. Strong, light, holds the above average deep concave in place and has plenty of pop, I heard they go to nerdish lengths to keep their wood in tip top condition before they press it and it certainly comes across when you ride it.

First thing you notice on this deck is the graphic, this is pretty rowdy in the colours department and shows off the endangered poison frog! This poor fellow is almost extinct, and this series of decks allowed each SCS pro to pick an endangered specie and in return, for every deck sold they will donate $1.00 to the respective wildlife conservation group! Pretty cool huh? Especially if you’re a poison frog (coz we need more of those in our parks and gardens!). The Asian Elephants, Leopards, Albino Royal Pythons and a few other scary snakes also get flow from SCS now!

The board rides amazing, solid, and didn’t flinch at landing an ollie with my feet in “board snapping” position, which always bodes well. The concave, as I said is a little deeper than most, which is sweet for shifty ollies and sticking to your feet on airs. Nose and tail are at a good (not too) steep angle, and with the concave running the length of the straight rails, nollies and switch tricks are much easier.

So swing by your local skateshop and do some good not only for the world’s wildlife, but also your pop and find more at


Philip Procter