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Real – Max Schaaf 4Q Stout deck 8.25”

So this Max Schaaf Real deck dropped into my lap the other day and I must say it’s bloody lovely. I’m the first to admit that I am the fussiest person ever when it comes to deck shapes and unless the nose and tail are the exact same shape, I go all A.D.D. and blame every non-make on my board.

Crafted out of Deluxe’s world-renowned wood and coming in at a very comfortable 8.25”, it’s surprisingly snappy and agile for a larger lady. Somehow in my ten years of skating, this is the first time I’ve ever skated a Real board, or even a DLXSF board for that matter, and I’ve just had the epiphany that everyone else has when they step onto their decks. Solid as anything, and you’ll never go back. The concave isn’t too deep but the rails are high enough for your toes to get a nice purchase on for flips. I even started chucking myself down stairs on this thing, something I never do, confidence in my deck inspiring me to try tricks I’d normally sack off for a frontside slash any day.

Max Schaaf is an utter legend in skating, and his recent Epicly Later’d will get you up to speed with his no nonsense approach to life. This deck comes adorned with a gorgeous ‘4Q’ graphic, a nod to Schaaf’s motorcycle conditioning company, where he spends hours crafting some amazing classic bikes. You can tell that the same effort was put into this board design and shape too. Real state that all their decks are made from the exact same wood and exact same shapes as their team rides. Not every company does that and quite often you end up with a deck that just doesn’t cut it. Not here. The wood quality is excellent and feels like it’ll take a serious pounding without any trouble.

This is the second time I’ve found a deck that is literally perfect. The first time it happened I went and bought another three of the same deck just to make sure I could skate it for as long as possible. I’ll certainly be on the hunt for at least ten more of these, stockpiled ready for when this Harley Davidson of decks finally has to be retired to the junkyard. I’ve got a feeling that won’t be for a while though.

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