Skateboarding Product Reviews

Duffs – Livingston

I’m not really sure why I’d never picked up a pair of Duffs before. Perhaps it was the negative connotations that emerge from the name ‘Duff’, that caused me to simply not acknowledge their existence as a skateshoe.

Which is slightly bizarre considering I’d always take notice of their adverts, which boast a sense of humour similar to the unstoppable Enjoi co. and there’s tons of sick skate rats rocking those creptillians:Louie Barletta, Adam Alfaro, Ben Reamers, and of course The Kid back in the day. My complete dismissal of the shoes just doesn’t make much sense at all. Of course, this all changed once the Zac shoved a box into my hand and told me to shred them to pieces.

The shoe itself, in all its brown colourway glory, is tastefully refined, offering a simple design that doesn’t demand any uncouth sneers from passers by in the direction of your feet. These shoes certainly are not for any ‘check me out and chill’ conch bags. These low-key beauties slip on in an almost seductively comfortable fashion, and results in a good firm grip around your foot, leaving you with a good supply of ankle movement and vast amounts of board feel.

The inconspicuous mesh tongue keeps your feet cool, while the well-concealed heel safe gel that boasts great arch support acts as a barrier to any nasty heel bruises. The sole is solid, giving you a good amount of grip, but enough give to make those quick feet changeovers no hassle. And no bad words can be said about suede uppers, I just won’t have it.

All in all, a very consistent, durable and delicious looking shoe. I love it. It certainly has made Duffs a much more substantial blip on the shoe-dar. Now stop fucking reading about it and get some on and go skate before the winter comes a crashing in.


Joe Moynihan