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Consolidated – Goin’ Bananas


If you walk into your SOS and ask to see what Consolidated have to offer video-wise, you are bound to watch a bunch of sick skaters get down on a wide variety of terrain to a soundtrack of classic rock and proper gangster rap. Oh, and a subliminal mockery of the industry too. Goin’ Bananas is the latest release from skateboarding’s restless gang of cruisers, and the content is pretty much standard issue ATV schralpage, with a few extra bonus points that hint towards a sign of the times.

First of all, you’ll spot UK heads Ben Raemers and Ollie Tyreman get proper sections alongside their American veterans. This is good to see, and the two youngsters hold their own against their elder and more established peers. Ollie skates full of agro, whilst Ben plays around with massive hubbas and vertical transitions alike. These two aren’t the only new faces to the Consolidated pack, Sean Guttierez represents the Barrio with some smooth annihilation of tranny heavy spots, whilst Tanner Zalinsky speeds his way across the suburban concrete playground of middle America. Maru from Japan puts on a pretty good show of determination as he rips his way through all kinds of sketchy spots.

For the older more recognizable faces, Karma Tsocheff signs off a good part even though you can’t but help get the feeling that you’ve seen better from the OG Conso rider. Mike Peterson gets cock blocked by Kyle Berrard for trying to steal the comic relief, but both of these men fly through the place stomping their authority on every continent. Finally, Roberto Aleman gets a well deserved last part and seems to have taken the dictum “Stronger, Faster, Longer” to heart when he filmed his shocking part.

The overall feel you get from Goin’ Bananas is that Consolidated have tried to evolve a little bit be it with new riders, or simple editing techniques. However, the same undercurrent of an independent hands-on approach steers the way for this bands of brothers. You can’t knock a team that can actually skate anything, and I mean anything, you put in their path.

Click here for the trailer for proof.