Live Reviews

Carnage – Live

The Crest
Ill Chemistry

Dinkytowner, Minneapolis

Picture the scene – I had stumbled off a plane [which I shared with Lady Sovereign, she’d clearly heard Abjekt was on the scene], ate some big portioned American food and then headed out to a show, with no sleep whatsoever in the previous 25 hours. However, whilst kicking it outside, Kristoff Krane from Abzorbr came up to me and we had a quick catch up, which was as perfect a wake up call as I could have ever wished for.

Into the show and despite the small crowd, Kongeror and his hype man Botzy took to the stage and rocked arguably the tighest set of the evening which Kon’s typically dark, banging beats pumping out, joined intermittently by live guitars as the rapper/producer laid it down hard. Live painting by Jameson provided another edge to the already fresh set and it was such a shame they were the openers, as they would no doubt have gotten a great response midway up the bill.

After some forgettable acts following that, Carnage and Desdamona took to the stage in what was a very refreshing set, with Carnage beatboxing all the beats, aided by his trusty pedal and Desdamona hitting the crowd with her usual ballsy delivery. The duo complimented each other perfectly and set the rest of the night up well.

The Crest were on next and got a huge response, especially from the 5 foot nothing white fan boy in a doo-rag. Seriously mate, you’ve looked in a mirror and still walked out of the house like that? Shit. The Crest play very obvious hip hop and it really isn’t my scene, but the rest of the Dinkytowner crowd loved it so I guess they must have something.

Now I must confess I didn’t stay for Carnage’s headline set because the jetlag finally caught up with me and so I had to dip. Regardless, it was a fresh way to start my week long holiday in MPLS.