There’s no stopping ‘French’ Fred Mortagne right now. He has dropped another creative bomb as mentioned in his interview with us this year with his entry into the Red Bull film making competition.

‘Hybridation’ is a wonderful short film featuring a cast of incredible skateboarders such as Arto Saari, Lucas Puig, Flo Mirtain, Sammy Winter, Tyler Bledsoe, Javier Mendizibal, Charles Collet, Ricardo Fonseca, JB Gillet, Andrew Brophy, Hugo Laird, Daniel Espinoza and more. ‘Hybridation’ means ‘a cross between two varieties’ meaning that Fred’s interpretation of reproducing film from a photographic perspective makes this short extremely special and overall creates a beautiful aesthetic. Just like his photography, Fred makes great use of reflections, angles and space, all cut with a soundtrack made bespokely for the film by Mount Analogue.

Watch his photographs in motion for Skate Edit of the Week and make sure you view it with HD on full for the best viewing quality.

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